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Heat mat thermostats Termofol

Thermostats are devices used to regulate temperature in heating, cooling, or air conditioning systems, requiring the maintenance of a specific temperature. They operate on the principle of maintaining the temperature within a specified range by turning the heating system on and off. They use a temperature sensor that monitors the current temperature and activates the system when the temperature falls below or rises above a set threshold.

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Various types of electric heating thermostats. Heating, wifi thermostat

Thermostats have been developed to efficiently manage the electric underfloor heating system. They are not only great for homes and apartments but also for commercial buildings, offices, or hospitals. Their intuitive and convenient operating system is another advantage of the thermostat. Our offer includes both digital, WIFI thermostats and those with a standard control knob.

A Wi-Fi thermostat is a very convenient option, allowing temperature control in any room from a smartphone app. The thermostat for underfloor heating features a digital display and a touch screen, making it easy to control. It’s accuracy reaches even 0.5 degrees Celsius, and easy installation and operation mean that anyone can use it.

The advantages of Termofol’s thermostats for underfloor heating

Thermostats for electric heating are very useful tools, that allow you to control and monitor the temperature in your home, office, or hotel. They enable energy savings and very precise temperature setting, improving the comfort of everyday life.