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Heating film kit

Heating foil is a modern solution, that is gaining more and more enthusiasts. It’s an economical and environmentally-friendly way to heat homes and apartments, particularly recommended for large, open spaces where there’s no permanent heating source. The functioning of heating foil is based on distributing heat through infrared radiation, which is highly effective. The foil is constructed with layers that ensure even and rapid heat distribution and retention. Heating foil focuses on warming specific surfaces (e.g., floors), rather than the air. It’s also non-flammable and highly durable, resistant to mechanical damage and wear. Heating foil can also be installed on the ceiling to ensure maximum thermal comfort.

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Heating film kit – advantages of use

When planning the installation of a heating system, it’s worth considering the purchase of a ready-made, complete heating film kits. This is a very convenient and efficient solution that brings many benefits to users.

Heating film kits contain everything needed for a quick and proper installation of the heating foil – without the need to select individual components separately. This makes the installation of the heating foil quick and smooth, and you can do it entirely on your own. Therefore, purchasing a heating film kit is a great solution if you want to quickly enjoy the warmth in your home.

Buying a ready-made kit is also often more economical than purchasing the necessary installation components separately. Moreover, by choosing this option, you are assured that the products included in the kit are compatible with each other, which reduces the risk of failure or improper installation.
Complete heating film kits also guarantee quality. By choosing a kit from Termofol, you are assured that you are receiving products that meet high-quality standards. You can also count on our professional advice in choosing the right heating film kit and technical support at every stage of implementation. The offered support is an additional advantage that can be invaluable in case of any questions or problems with the installation or use of the system.

Heating film kits – convenience and high quality

In summary, purchasing ready-made, complete heating film kits offers many benefits, including convenience, time and money savings, assurance of compatibility and quality of components, making it an attractive option for anyone considering the installation of this type of heating system in their home.

Our heating foil kits contain everything you need for independent and safe installation of the system in home conditions. The kit includes: heating foil, thermostat, tape, clips, electrical wires, butyl tape, vapor barrier film, installation and operation instructions, and a warranty card.