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Heating foil is a modern solution, that is gaining more and more enthusiasts. It’s an economical and environmentally-friendly way to heat homes and apartments, particularly recommended for large, open spaces where there’s no permanent heating source. The functioning of heating foil is based on distributing heat through infrared radiation, which is highly effective. The foil is constructed with layers that ensure even and rapid heat distribution and retention. Heating foil focuses on warming specific surfaces (e.g., floors), rather than the air. It’s also non-flammable and highly durable, resistant to mechanical damage and wear. Heating foil can also be installed on the ceiling to ensure maximum thermal comfort.

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Our heating foil kits contain everything you need for independent and safe installation of the system in home conditions. The kit includes: heating foil, thermostat, tape, clips, electrical wires, butyl tape, vapor barrier film, installation and operation instructions, and a warranty card.