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Welcome to our premier infrared heating film solutions for wholesale traders! At our manufacturing facility in Krakow, Poland, we specialize in producing high-quality infrared heating film tailored to your specifications. With the flexibility to customize widths ranging from a minimum of 300mm to a maximum of 1 meter, we ensure that your unique requirements are met with precision.

Our heating films boast a power range from 60W/square meter to 400W/square meter, offering versatile options for various applications. Elevate your brand visibility by opting for individual logo design and company contact information printed directly on the heating element.

Experience the convenience of our large stock of heating products, including mats, traditional electric heating wire, and our renowned infrared heating film. Additionally, choose from a wide selection of insulation materials, all readily available at our Newport warehouse in Walas.

For your convenience, our minimum order quantity is set at just 15 rolls. Whether you are an installer or distributor, we invite you to explore exciting opportunities for collaboration across the UK. Our attractive terms of cooperation make this an ideal venture for those looking to expand their business in the heating industry.

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For further inquiries or to discuss partnership possibilities, please contact Matt at 07445942727.
Join us in revolutionizing heating solutions with innovation and reliability.