Smart Heating: Integrating Wi-Fi-enabled Heating Foils into Your Home Automation System

Smart Heating: Integrating Wi-Fi-enabled Heating Foils into Your Home Automation System Kinga 6 December 2023

Smart Heating: Integrating Wi-Fi-enabled Heating Foils into Your Home Automation System

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Heating foil is a thin, flexible material that contains heating elements made of carbon fibers. It is typically installed directly under the floor finish, such as tiles, wood, laminate, or even carpet. The electric current flowing through the heating elements generates heat, which is then evenly distributed across the floor surface. Heats everything around (i.e., objects, people, animals), does not dry the air, and the pleasant warmth we feel is similar to sunlight.

Heating foils can be conveniently controlled via a smartphone app, thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, they fit perfectly into the popular trend of smart home device management.

What is smart home heating? The advantages of this solution

Smart home heating refers to an automated heating system that uses modern technologies and an internet connection to optimize energy efficiency and user comfort. The main features of smart home heating include:

  • Remote control – allows you to control the heating system using a mobile app or web interface, enabling users to manage the temperature at home from anywhere.
  • Automation and programming – smart heating systems can automatically adjust the temperature based on user preferences, time of day, or weather conditions. They allow for the programming of heating schedules to increase comfort and save energy.
  • Sensors and learning algorithms – many smart heating systems use sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and even the presence of people in the rooms. Some systems can learn user habits and automatically adjust settings.
  • Integration with smart home – these systems are often compatible with other smart home devices, such as motion sensors, security cameras, or smart lighting, allowing for integrated operational scenarios.
  • Energy efficiency – with precise control and optimization of settings, smart heating systems can significantly reduce energy consumption and heating costs while providing comfortable conditions at home.
  • Adaptation to external conditions – some systems can react to weather changes, adjusting the indoor temperature to ensure constant comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Ease of installation and use – many smart heating systems are designed with ease of installation and operation in mind, allowing users to quickly enjoy their benefits.

Smart home heating is thus not only a way to increase comfort but also to use energy more efficiently and reduce operational costs.

Integration of heating foil with Wi-Fi support

The integration of heating foil with Wi-Fi support is a process that allows remote control of the underfloor heating system via a wireless network. To carry out such integration, several steps must be taken.

The first step is to choose the right Wi-Fi thermostat, as a compatible thermostat is needed to integrate the heating foil with Wi-Fi. This thermostat should be compatible with your underfloor heating system and support such connections.

If you have not done so already, install the heating foil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure it is properly positioned and protected from damage. The thermostat should be connected to the underfloor heating system. This usually involves connecting power cables and cables from the heating foil to the thermostat. It is recommended that a qualified electrician perform this part of the work. After installing the thermostat, configure it to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. This process will vary depending on the thermostat model but usually involves selecting a Wi-Fi network and entering a password. Most Wi-Fi thermostats are managed using a mobile app. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet from the appropriate app store and follow the instructions to connect the app to the thermostat. Using the app, you can set a heating schedule, change the temperature, and monitor energy consumption. You can adjust these settings to your needs and preferences. After setting up the system, test it to make sure everything is working properly. Check if the heating foil reacts to changes made through the app and if the temperature is being regulated correctly.

Remember, electrical safety is most important. If you do not have experience with electrical installations, it is recommended to use the services of a qualified electrician to make electrical connections and check the installation.


The integration of heating foils with Wi-Fi support involves remotely managing the underfloor heating system through a wireless network. This very convenient and modern solution allows you to manage the temperature in your home or apartment from anywhere. This leads to significant savings in thermal energy, which translates into lower bills. To fully enjoy an automated and efficient heating system, just equip yourself with a thermostat with Wi-Fi connection capability and download the appropriate mobile app.