Revolutionizing Heat: The Green and Smart Choice of Infrared Films

Revolutionizing Heat: The Green and Smart Choice of Infrared Films Kinga 17 November 2023

Revolutionizing Heat: The Green and Smart Choice of Infrared Films

Heating foil is a modern and innovative solution for heating systems for homes and public spaces. It is gaining popularity because a system based on infrared radiation is ecological and economical, and it’s installation is not a problem. Taking advantage of the extraordinary properties of heating film has many advantages, which is why many people are interested in installing this system as a main or supplementary source of heat in houses and flats.

How does heating film differ from traditional underfloor heating?

Infrared heating foil transfers heat in the form of radiation, which makes it different from traditional heating systems. The heat is produced by an electric current – the heating elements of the foil are placed on a carrier, such as fibreglass fabric, and sandwiched between two layers of thin polyester foil for better insulation. This is the thinnest type of electric surface heating. The electric current supplied to the heating film through two copper strips, serving as electrodes, is then converted into heat energy. The entire heating surface in the plastic film heats up evenly, providing floor heat throughout the room. The heat evenly warms not the air, but the walls, which is beneficial for people with allergies, as it does not circulate dust and retains heat even when ventilated, unlike traditional heating methods.

Heating foil can be successfully used as the main source of heat in homes or public buildings. It is also great as a complementary heating system, for example in the hallway or living room.

What are the advantages of using heating film?

The first and one of the most important aspects that make infrared heating film popular is it’s price. Installing a heating system based on infrared heating film is a much more economical choice than installing a traditional boiler or underfloor heating. In addition, the modern and innovative materials used in the production of heating foil are extremely cheap to operate and use up to half as much electricity as classic heating mats. What’s more, the ability to use infrared foil effectively provides for up to a hundred years of use, making it a truly long-term and profitable investment.

For many people, the advantage of using heating foil is that there is no need to install a heating boiler and other elements of an extensive heating network. Often, the installation of a traditional heating system requires the development of additional space for the necessary equipment – with the installation of a heating film, there is no need to connect it to a complex network, which also translates into a lower risk of failure, installation or chimney problems.

The heating film-based system is easy to use, requires no maintenance processes and is fully automatic. Another advantage is that there is no need for radiators, which sometimes spoil the visual impression and damage the aesthetics of a room. Universal heating films can be installed on floors, ceilings and walls.

The safety aspect of using heating foil is also very important. The material of the foil is non-flammable and the production of infrared heat does not emit fumes or carbon monoxide. The absence of a heating boiler also means there is no risk of fire or explosion.

Advantages of using heating film – summary

  • Low installation and operating costs,
  • Lifespan of up to 100 years,
  • Ecological,
  • Safe,
  • Fully automated,
  • No need for boiler installation, heating network, and radiators.


The use of heating film brings many benefits. This ecological and relatively inexpensive solution is durable and poses no major operational problems. The system’s infrared heating also benefits from not requiring connection to a heating network, boiler, or traditional radiators. Heating film works well with various types of floors, such as wooden floor or panels.

High efficiency combined with long-lasting durability makes Termofol products a popular choice for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional heating methods. The ease of installation allows you to do it yourself, thanks to specially prepared mounting kits that include all the necessary elements. Choose ecology and trust a proven manufacturer of modern and innovative heating products.