Roof Vapour Barrier Insulation Foil Membrane aluminium



This membrane is designed as vapour barrier heat and sound insulation on roofs, walls, attics, ceilings and floors. Both sides made from metallized aluminium polyethylene, reinforcement with PP net, heat-reflective surface. Keeps heat inside the building.

Range of working temperatures °C -40 /+80

Tearing strength kN/m  ≥210 vapour-proof

prevent heat losses by reflecting the thermal radiation, additional wind and vapour barrier, prevent the dampening of the thermal insulation of the roof, tear-resistant thanks to reinforcement, flexible and easy to install. Additional wind and vapour barrier.

Longitudinal tearing strength kN/m ≥210

Longitudinal tearing strength N/mm ≥300.

New advanced and efficient membrane that reduce your heating bill. Highest quality product. When installing all surface has to be cower (no holes or gaps).

Membranes can be used in all ventilated and non-ventilated roofs. Designed for habitable rooms in the attic. When used in combination with intermediate roof coating, the membranes ensure optimum ambient conditions in attic rooms.

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