Ricotherm Insulation Foil Mat Reflective Aluminium Foil Bubble 1.2m x 12.5m

Ricotherm Insulation Foil Mat Reflective Aluminium Foil Bubble 1.2m x 12.5mTermofol13 June 202312 December 2023

Ricotherm Insulation Foil Mat Reflective Aluminium Foil Bubble 1.2m x 12.5m



Ricotherm Insulation Foil Mat

The mat replaces approximately 5 cm of wool and vapor barrier.


  • Roofs
  • Ceilings
  • Walls


  • Roll dimensions: 1.2m x 12.5m
  • Roll surface: 15m²
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Thermal resistance (m²*K/W): 0.63 (*thermal resistance given for the system: air gap, Ricotherm, air gap)
  • 3-layer structure

Construction details:

2 layers of reinforced metallized polyester foil + 1 layer of bubble wrap foil

Ricotherm functions as a reflective heat energy barrier, also protecting the building from heat loss in winter and overheating in summer. This distinguishes it from traditional insulation materials. Ricotherm reflects up to 92% of thermal radiation from its surface and also is only able to absorb 1% of energy. The principle of operation of Ricotherm thermal insulation mats is based on reflecting emitted thermal energy from it’s surface, which is transferred in the form of radiation.


The versatility of Ricotherm allows it to be used as standalone insulation or as additional protection for traditional insulation. Its flexibility simplifies installation in hard-to-reach areas, avoiding thermal bridges.

The tools required for installation are a stapler, scissors, and also a measuring tape. Firstly all A 20mm air gap should be maintained on both sides of Ricotherm – the absence of an air gap weakens its effectiveness. Secondly Ricotherm should be laid parallel to the eaves and mechanically fastened to the rafters using staples (every 10cm).

Stretch the mat during installation. The next layer should be installed with an overlap (minimum 50mm)

 Butt joint installation is a mounting error

Along the intersection line of the attic slopes with the wall or floor, ensure a tight connection of the Ricotherm thermal insulation mat by using wooden strips or aluminum profiles for mounting plasterboard sheets.

Secure all the connections, joints and overlaps with the system’s aluminum adhesive tape

Do not use adhesive tapes on wet surfaces

Protect it from puncture – cover damaged surfaces with the system’s adhesive tape. When installing outdoors, wear sunglasses and also protective clothing, in order to protect against burns.

Ricotherm should not come into contact with elements exceeding 85°C temperature, for example exhaust pipes or heating installations.

Before installation, pay particular attention to preventing moisture from affecting Ricotherm thermal insulation mats.

Prepare the attic should for installation (tied wool, additionally secured battens that support and creating an air gap).

Fasten Ricotherm mechanically to the rafters using a stapler.

Overlap the edges of Ricotherm by 5 cm and seal with the system’s aluminum tape. Instal Ricotherm on a frame for plasterboard and the frame will create an air gap. Secure the ends of Ricotherm  to the wall (note: mechanical installation prevents from thermal bridges).


IAN: 5905342660170