Heating film 60W/m 1m wide 100m roll

Heating film 60W/m 1m wide 100m rollTermofol21 February 202328 March 2024

Heating film 60W/m 1m wide 100m roll

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Heating film 100m² – 100 meters long 1 meter wide 60W/m.

Power 60W/m²   Voltage AC230 V   Max temp. 29°C   Thickness 0.33mm    Weight 49 kg

The film can be cut every 25cm.

The price is for heating film only.


Please note: If you require eg. 3 rolls – please insert 3 in the quantity box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install the system myself or do I need an expert?

A: All our heating systems, whether it is cable or carbon film, come with a full set of installation instructions, providing a simple step by step instructions. Most systems can be installed on a DIY basis. But the final electrical connection should be made by a qualified electrician.


Q: Is electric underfloor heating expensive to run? Why far infrared heating film is the most energy-efficient system?

The temperature of each room is individually controlled by a programmable thermostat

No heat losses, heat is generated in the place of usage.

Precise temperature control from your smartphone, only turns on heating when needed.

This technology uses Far infrared radiation, heats up objects, not the air, this means air temperature can be reduced on average 2°C

In high energy rating houses, low Voltage heating film can be used 60W/m,  80W/m,  140W/m.

The heating film can be connected to the photovoltaic panels as well as any renewable energy source to reduce the heating cost to 0 GBP.

To optimise efficiency we strongly recommend use floor insulation.

A 5m2 floor fitted with heating film and 5mm foam insulation would cost approximately 0.15p per day to run, this is based on the heating system being on twice a day for two hours each time, this assumes a 50% duty cycle once the floor has reached temperature and assumes a cost of 0.13p per kWh.


Q: Does the power of the heating foil affect electricity consumption?

A: Heating film power has no impact on energy usage, the only difference will be floor heating up time.


Q: Are There Any Special Wiring Requirements?

A: For most domestic size rooms the system can usually be connected to an existing household ring main circuit, wiring via a fused switch spur. For larger areas, a single dedicated circuit from the main unit may be needed. The thermostat will accept 16 Amps. All electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.  Care must be taken to ensure that the combined load does not exceed the switching capacity of the thermostat.

Heating film power Max heating film area for 16A thermostat (square meters)
80 W/m² 45m²
140 W/m² 25m²
180 W/ m² 18
220 W/m² 15m²
400 W/m² 8


Q: How long will it take to warm up?

A: This will vary depending on the subfloor and the insulation material. Better the insulation the quicker it will heat up. Heating up time depend on heating film power. 220W/m heat up 12mm engineering wood in 5 minutes, concreted floors heat up around 15 minutes but also retain heat for a longer time.


Q: Will my floor get too hot?

A: The thermostats come supplied with a floor probe that will continuously monitor your floor temperature. We always recommend installing a floor probe in your floor especially if you use 200W or 180W heating film power this is a key to control your floor temperature.


Q: How do I decide which heating film power I should choose?

Higher house energy rating = lower heating film power required. For new build, passive houses use 80W/m or 60W/m this becoming a very popular solution in Germany, Poland, Norway, Netherlands.


Q: Can underfloor heating be used in a bathroom or a wet room?

A: Yes, Note you can’t place ceramic tiles directly on the heating film, the concrete screed is necessary, minimum 30mm. If you can’t build up floor this high use heating wire this is a simple solution and allow you to lay down ceramic tiles directly on the subfloor, wire diameter is only 3.6mm


Q: Do I need to install insulation?

A: When using heating foil under laminate, engineered wood or ceramic tiles our foam thermal insulation should always be used. It not only provides thermal insulation, reducing running costs but acts as a method of sound deadening and forms a suitable non-abrasive surface on which heating film can sit.

This is also perfect underlay no other underlay or insulation is required.

Do not use any insulation material with electric cable mats.


Q: Can I control all rooms from 1 device

Yes if you have 5 thermostats in your house you can control all from one smartphone or I pad from any place in the world with access to the Ethernet. All rooms/thermostats are controlled separately.


Q: How do I connect an underfloor heating system to the household power supply?

A: Connection must be made via a 30mA RCD. We highly recommend the final connection to be fitted by a fully qualified electrician in accordance with the current wiring regulations.


Q: Are these products covered by a guarantee?

A: The heating film is cover with 6 years warranty.  We can offer a lifetime warranty if the system is installed by an authorised installer with an issued certificate.


Q: Is underfloor heating suitable for heating a conservatory?

A: Electric underfloor heating systems are ideal for conservatories. When using electric underfloor heating in this sort of area we would strongly recommend the use of the 220W/m² system or the 180W/m² for wooden or laminate floors. We would also highly recommend using suitable insulation.


Q: Can cables or mats be cut to length?

A: Electric underfloor heating cables must never be cut, mats consist of a cable fixed to a nylon web. Whilst the cable must not be cut you can cut the web at any point to allow the mat to be laid out to suit the shape of the room. See our installation videos.

Carbon heating film can be cut every 250mm is available in three widths 1 meter/50cm/250mm.


Q: Can I return an underfloor heating system if I change my mind?

A: Yes you can. As long as you return the product in the same condition and in no way damaged you can return items to us for a refund within 14 days of purchase please see our terms & conditions.


Q: What happens if I order a heating system that’s too big or too small?

A: If you realise that you have purchased the wrong size system before unpacking, you can simply return the item to us within 14 days of purchase and we will find a suitable heating option to fit your requirements. If an insufficient amount of foil was ordered please contact us we can send missing element next day delivery.


Q: Do I need special tools?

A: To install a heating mat no additional tools are required.

A crimping tool is required when installing a carbon heating film.

Q: Do I Need Any Special Adhesive For My Floor Tiles?

A: Yes. For any underfloor heating use, flexible tile adhesive and grout will be required. The special polymers added to flexible adhesives will make allowances for any tile floor movements through heat expansion and contraction.