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Electric underfloor heating kits

Heating foil kits consist of heating foil, thermostat and mounting accessories – tapes, clips, electrical wires, butyl tape, vapor barrier film, as well as a detailed installation and operation manual along with a warranty card.

The electric heating mats can be used as a primary heating source or as an supplemental heating, gaining the effect of the warm floor. Our heating mats are offered in the complete package ready for assembly. Electric underfloor heating kits include heating mat, warranty card, installation manual. We supply wide range thermostats with floor sensor if one of our control units is used we also supply sensor protective cover. all our products are free from electromagnetic field.

Premium Diamond Heating Foil Kit represents high quality and attention to every detail. This foil is characterized by greater thickness than the foil in the standard kit, which translates to its exceptional resilience and durability. Top-quality materials combined with the latest technology allow for achieving the best results in efficient home heating.

Warmup Underfloor Heating Kit – Advantages

Purchasing a Warmup underfloor heating kit brings numerous benefits, making electric underfloor heating kits an attractive solution for those looking for a new, alternative heating method.

Electric underfloor heating kits contain all the necessary components for a safe installation of the system. This contributes to the speed and simplicity of installation – without the need to search for the right components. Additionally, the products in Warmup underfloor heating kits are selected to complement each other and ensure optimal efficiency. Buying a kit can also prove to be more cost-effective than purchasing individual products. This is another financial benefit, right after lower heating bills.

Electric underfloor heating kits can be used in various rooms and on different surfaces, offering application flexibility and the ability to adjust to individual needs.

Heating foils are an environmentally friendly solution, allowing for heating without the emission of harmful substances. The possibility of integrating with photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources further enhances their ecological character and minimizes operating costs.

By choosing to purchase Warmup underfloor heating kits, our customers receive a comprehensive solution that combines the convenience of installation, energy efficiency, safety of use, and thermal comfort, all while maintaining care for the natural environment.