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Mounting Accessories and More

Termofol’s mounting accessories include a variety of products that facilitate installation, make the system safer, and help save energy. We offer mounting accessories and more, such as:

  • Clips for heating mats, indispensable for installing this solution and ensuring stable and secure attachment of mats to the substrate, crucial for even heat distribution.
    Heating cables, available in various lengths and capacities, to meet the individual needs of each installation and form the heart of every heating system.
    Insulation tapes, which provide proper thermal and acoustic insulation for heating installations. Our insulation tapes increase the energy efficiency of systems by minimizing heat loss.
    Foam insulation, an excellent solution for insulating pipes and other elements of heating systems. Lightweight, easy to install, yet effective in protecting against heat loss.
    Essential tools for every installer, facilitating precise cutting and assembly of system components, such as pliers.

All necessary Termofol mounting accessories can be conveniently purchased in one place, saving you time and money! Our accessories for heating installations have been selected with the highest quality, durability, and reliability in mind. We ensure that every product in our offer meets rigorous industry standards, guaranteeing their long-lasting and trouble-free operation.

Reliable Mounting Accessories and Accessories for Heating Installations

The accessories available in our range are designed to fit a wide variety of heating systems. Their versatility makes them suitable for different types of installations, both new and modernized. Our offer also includes repair accessories, allowing you to handle minor repairs on your own.

By choosing Termofol’s mounting accessories or accessories for heating installations, you invest not only in the efficiency and effectiveness but also in the safety and comfort of use.

Selecting the right accessories for heating installations from our offer brings numerous benefits, so it’s worth choosing a proven manufacturer. If you need help selecting products, contact us. Our experts and advisors will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the optimal solution.