UV-5 Greenhouse foil 10m x 15m



UV5 Greenhouse Foil 10 meters x 15 meters

price for cover only

250 Micron  1000gauge

Heavy duty membrane meets the highest requirements of professional vegetable and flower growers .High resistance to UV rays Its heat absorption, over 80%, increases crop efficiency, accelerates plant vegetation and constitutes an effective protection against frost,  allowing for considerable heat energy savings in heated tunnels. It can be installed on both high and low tunnel structures made of PVC tubing, metal angle brackets and rods or wooden elements with smooth  surface.

APPLICATIONS: construction of garden tunnels for a period of up to 3 seasons for crop protection in horticulture, agriculture and forestry for crops requiring high light intensity, especially during low-temperature or cloudy spells, e.g. for roses or early vegetable cultivar.

ADVANTAGES: low light reflection coefficient ensuring high permeability to solar radiation selective permeability to infrared radiation good anti-electrostatic properties lightness and flexibility high durability and tensile, tear resistance resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation vapour and gas impermeability  range of temperatures from -40° C to +50° C.


TERMOFOL first in Europe successfully began implementing the energy-saving and ecological heating systems of the newest technology.

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