Thermostat 12V DC heating film controller underfloor heater 20Amp




All-purpose temperature controller with a heating/cooling function and MIN/MAX alarm. The temperature sensor is included.

The controller has digital temperature reading and displays calibration function. It has a switch on/switch off (ON-OFF) control form with regulated hysteresis. The controller is equipped with high-powered relay output 20A (maximum resistance load 4500W). “Heating” or “cooling” work mode set in the menu. Mounting in a panel or airtight, wall-hanging casing.

• Measuring range -50…+150°C

• Measuring and setting with 0,1°Accuracy

• Temperature control accuracy (hysteresis) set from 0,1 to 20°C

• Two additional MAX and MIN temperature ALARMS (sound signalling)

• Temperature sensor made from stainless steel included

• High-powered output 20A 4,5kW

• Attractive display with graphic icons

• Settings memorizing after power failure

All-purpose controller designed to temperature control in heating systems:

electrical heaters, stoves

heating cables, anti-icing systems

incubators, terrariums, aquariums

boilers, heaters, etc.

central heating and domestic hot water pumps

and cooling systems:

fridges, refrigerators, freezers, cooling counters

fans, coolers

car units 12V

Only ORIGINAL has:

• CE certificate

• waterproof sensors made from stainless steel included (not nickel-plated brass without protection against humidity)

• fail-safe, touch silicon buttons

• ALARM temperature function (three additional options available: lower and upper alarm and sound alarm)

• SMART function (possibility of fast temperature changing by up/down button)

• measurement 3 times per second with 0,5°C accuracy

• possibility of changing resolution of displayed temperature and turning off voice signalling

Input: temperature sensor NTC 5kOhm by 25°C

digital, alarm input

Measuring range: -50…+150°C

Measuring accuracy: +/-0,1°C

Sampling period: 330 ms

Display resolution: 0,1°C in whole range

Setting resolution: 0,1°C in whole range

Display: LED, 4 digits, 11mm height with graphic icons

Control form: ON-OFF with hysteresis

Setting accuracy: set-up in 0,1…+20°C range

Control output: relay 20A 4,5kW, durability 100 thousands cycles

Additional functions: – MIN i MAX temperature alarm

– alarm temperature and sensor failure sound signalling

– function SMART

– defrosting for cooling applications

Mounting size: 71 x 29 mm

Degree and protection class: IP65 / II

Power supply: 230VAC +/-15% or 12VAC/DC or 24AC/DC

Power consumption: max 3 VA

Operation conditions: -5…+60°C; 0…85%RH (non-condensing)

Storage conditions: -40…85°C; 0…85%RH (non-condensing)

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