Electric Underfloor Heating Insulation 5mm under laminate carpet wood floor



  • Price per square meter 1 meter wide 1 meter long
  • If you require 10 meters just put 10 in quantity box you will then receive 1 meter wide and 10 meters long roll.


  • This insulation is made from EXPEL PETM.
  • XLPE rolls are made from closed cell cross linked polyolefin foam with excellent properties in terms of condensation control, long term thermal block and sound absorption.
  • This thermal insulation has been specially designed to provide high thermal barrier on walls, floors, roofs, garage door and camper vans .
  • Can be uses under laminate, carpet or wooden floor, perfect underlay material.
  • Very easy to install requiring only scissors and staple gun or self adhesive tape
  • Self levelling and Waterproof
  • Reflectance of heat radiation 90%
  • Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic
  • Vapour retarder
  • Moisture resistant, Tear proof
  • Fungus, mould and bacteria resistant
  • Reflective insulation distributes heat into your room and prevents losses into the floor. This insulation reduce your heating bill.


TERMOFOL first in Europe successfully began implementing the energy-saving and ecological heating systems of the newest technology.

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